Simon Lovermann – Handwerke (Cover 04 Adji Dieye)


The vinyl version of »Handwerke – Songs for My Fathers«, Simon Lovermann’s debut album. Oscillating between Jazz, Electronica, Hip Hop and Minimal Music, the album is focused around the piano, both as a harmonic and a percussive instrument. The album deals with the personal story of the artist and serves as a way for him to explore topics like death, fatherhood, family, identity and belonging.

Simon invited 16 artists to contribute an image that reflects their own personal (artistic) identity, with the intention of bringing together a variety of different, deeply individual explorations of the self. „Handwerke“ comes with a special artwork and cover design, featuring these contributions printed on individual postcards and assembled in a 20-page booklet.

Cover 4 is available 30 times and features the contribution from Adji Dieye, an artist living and working between Zurich, Milan, and Dakar. The image is titled “A Vendre”.

Simon Lovermann is an artist, composer and cultural entrepreneur and the founder and artistic director of Der Greif.

The release is a collaboration of Der Greif and Squama Recordings. Artwork designed by Daily Dialogue

Format: Record 300 x 300 mm, Booklet DIN A4, Postcard DIN A6
Limited edition vinyl of 500 records, each postcard is limited to 30 pieces
Product consists of: Record sleeve with transparent patch pocket holding one out of 16 postcards creating an individual cover, 20-page booklet featuring contributions and short statements by the following visual artists: Laia Abril, Thomas Albdorf, Gita Cooper-van Ingen, Adji Dieye, Anna Ehrenstein, Saskia Groneberg, Balarama Heller, Tommy Kha, Gabby Laurent, Fiona Ones, Nicolas Polli, Maximilian Prüfer, Silvia Rosi, Pacifico Silano, Susanne Steinmaßl, Dustin Thierry

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